Friday, April 26, 2013

How to add bookmarks in steam overlay UI

Yes! You can do that! You can add bookmarks to steam overlay UI, so you can one-click open them in browser in-game. This is not super easy, but not hard at all

What do you need:
1) Page URL
2) Text editor

How to do that:

1) Open your steam folder, navigate to \resource\layout\ folder
2) Find overlaydesktop.layout file and open it with any text editor. The file format is similar to JSON.
3) In the text editor, in "controls" section, add following line:
BookmarkID { controlname="URLLabel" labeltext="Your bookmark name here" urltext="your page URL here" style="sidemenu"}

Creating a new control in steam overlay

BookmarkID is something that you will refer this bookmark in next step
4) In "layout" section, add your BookmarkID to the list in following line:
place { controls="GameGroupsButton,ChatRoomButton,DLCButton,GuideButton,LegacyCDKeyButton,WebSiteButton,RecommendButton,WorkshopButton" y=50 align=right region=overlay dir=down spacing=10 }

Adding a link to steam overlay layout

5) Save the file and you're done!
Here is how it looks:


  1. I have found that Steam overwrites the file and removes custom configuration. I've set "read only" flag to the overlaydesktop.layout file. I will post here if it will help.

  2. Okay so I've tried to make the file read-only, or deny editing the file in the Access Control Lists.
    Read-only flag didn't change a thing - steam again overwritten the file.
    Denying editing of the file in ACL leads to unstartable steam (it tries to update the file, but crashes)

    I'll keep looking for a solution. For now I've created a page in my MS OneNote which I set to be a homepage in the steam overlay and I write bookmarks there. That solution is not very comforting, because links from the OneNote open up in pop-ups, instead of browser tabs :(

  3. I have tried creating a steam skin (or using PixelVersion steam skin - downloaded from the web) and editing overlaylayout.desktop file there. That didn't help, the file from steam folder is used :(

  4. Thanks! I don't know if you found a working solution or not. What I did was create a basic batch file to copy the edited overlay file to the steam directory. It's a simple one-click process, still wish Steam implemented favorites though.

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  6. I was able to add a new link in the custom skin I use but the new link does nothing when clicked. Any idea?

  7. Sorry, I didn't use this feature for a long time and have no idea

  8. Pls create a useful custom Steam overlay Tool (add custom Bookmarks and other things) with this know. PLs we need usefull Steam Bookmarks tool